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ERM Expert videos - Sarah Sutton on Core Competencies for E-Resources Librarians

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ERM Expert video lectures - Sarah Sutton on the ER Lifecycle

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Using Instructional Design and Technology in K-12 Education - IDT Alumnus, Josh Stock

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Instructional Design and Technology in the Healthcare Industry, IDT Alumnus - Julie La Combe

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Canvas Course Sidebar Menu

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Canvas LMS Intro

Intro tutorial for the Canvas Learning Management System.

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Grade History

Tutorial: Locating student grades in the Grade History

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Upload to My Media

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MediaSpace Categories

This video describes how to create new categories and add content to your MediaSpace site.

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MediaSpace Admin Basics

This video reviews the Kaltura Kaltura MediaSpace Admin Console

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Intro to MediaSpace

A general overview of Kaltura's out-of-the-box video centric site-MediaSpace

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