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Documenting a Call Number System: Challenges and Lessons Learned - Christopher Straughn

Northeastern Illinois University serves as a depository for the publications of the State of Illinois. Our state documents are organized according to a rather unique call number system. We needed to…

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Emerging Technologies in Libraries and Its Ethical Implications - Dhanushka Samarakoon

The recent advancements of technologies such as artificial intelligence and data mining provide an avenue to gain a better understanding of a business and its customers. For the past decade, private…

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IT371 Week1 (Spring 2020)

Introductions, Syllabus, and Tech Survey

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ERM Expert video lectures: Clint Chamberlain on working with vendors

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ERM Expert video lectures - Sarah Sutton on the ER Lifecycle

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ERM Expert interviews - Rachel Erb on licensing

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Rob Gibson's Personal Meeting Room

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Instructional Design and Technology in the Military, Dr. Michael Prevou

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Accessibility: A Student's Perspective

Emporia State Student reveals the importance of Accessibility.

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